The Pequot Website On Display in Philadelphia


The Pequot website is featured on the right side of this display at the Independence Seaport Museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Megan Good) Click image to enlarge.

As part of their 50th Anniversary in 2010 the Independence Seaport Museum in Philadelphia Pennsylvania developed a new interpretive display, “It Sprang From the Vaults,” which showcases for museum visitors how material from their extensive collections is used by historians and researchers. 

Among the examples they choose to highlight in their “Using the Stuff From History” presentation are the records of the New York Shipbuilding Company  which their archivists were able to locate for us. This included the original Army construction contract and photos of the Mills, Frank, and Schofield being built in 1908-09. 

The Pequot Display in Philadelphia. (Megan Good) The original 1908 Construction Contract. (Megan Good)

Those images, along with the construction drawings our research located at National Archives are used on the Pequot website in our “Design and Construction” and “Sister Ship”, sections.
One of the rare 100 year old original black and white photo prints on display. (Megan Good) The museum’s description of the Pequot research project. (Megan Good) Click image to enlarge.

In addition to a description of the Pequot project, the display of the original contract book, and one of the original 100 year old black and white photos, the construction section from our website also scrolls in an electronic photo frame for museum visitors to provide an example of how rare photos and information from their archives are being used today.

An electronic photo frame displays the Design & Construction page which details the construction of the General Samuel M. Mills.(Megan Good) The display also provides background information on the Pequot website. Click image to enlarge.

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