Panama Coast Anti-submarine Loop Station

Another of the US Navy Loop Stations was operated along the Panama coast so it seems. However, I have several emails about it but little else to go on.

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They say that there is about 850 nautical miles of 8" cable running down the full length of both coasts of Panama, and that the main cable has several 2" feeder cables running back to the mainland. The photos below are courtesy of Rob MacCallum, Exploration Manager, Deep Ocean Expeditions (US Phone + 1 (801) 3907025).

Cross section of the cable. The insulated filaments are encased in a lead sheath for waterproofing and to "load" the cable to make it heavier. The lead is wound with tarred jute, 24 steel armour wires and two layers of tarred jute braid. One of the filaments

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